Medela Swing Breastpump

The Medela Swing Breastpump is a portable, compact, single electronic personal pump which features two-phase expression technology in order to allow for maximum milk flow and to help reduce pumping time. The two-phase expression technology is a pumping pattern that mimics a baby’s natural nursing rhythm. The Swing Breastpump works in two modes: the simulation mode or expression mode. The pump is also 100% Bisphenol-A (BPA) free, ensuring chemical free milk. Included in the Swing Breastpump package are the following: Motor unit, pump body, SoftFit breastshield, two bottles and caps, bottle stand, power cord, shoulder/neck strap, tubing, valve and membrane, drawstring bag, instructions on use of the pump and a Breastfeeding Information Guide.

If you want electronic and easy, then the Medela Swing would be your choice! This pump only has four buttons, plus of course the breastshield, membrane and tubing. As long as you take a look at the directions, you’ll have it figured out (and some of our pro-pumping Moms didn’t even have to do that!).

While we only have one Mom on the panel at the moment that is breastfeeding, we have lots of Moms that are familiar with pumps and the pumping process. First, a note on the electronic durability (versus manual) – this pump is much easier and more hands-free than a manual pump; however, our Moms noted that in order to use batteries to run your pump, they MUST be strong ones! Our breastfeeding Mom tested the pump with batteries that were not 100% strength and there was a huge difference between using the AC adapter and the batteries! Also, while the batteries make it durable and great for on-the-go moms, some of the Moms noted that they also liked to use the car charger that they had once used with their Medela Pump in Style – this product doesn’t appear to be compatible.

Moms agreed that it was not nearly as intimidating as the hospital-grade or dual pump systems they have seen – it is extremely compact in comparison (about the size and shape of a large bagel). That being said, the Moms wished there was something that could be done to make it more visually appealing. The bottles and caps that come with the Medela Swing Breastpump are standard and somewhat pleasurable to the eye – however, Moms agreed that it was unlikely they would use them and that in most cases they’d buy other bottles for use on a daily basis.

We’re happy to say, that even though we only had one subject at the moment, she was THRILLED with the results! It was not painful, a significant amount of milk was expressed within about 20 minutes, and she even had the chance to try the “let-down” button to help speed up the process. Moms who didn’t have the need to try out the pump did take the opportunity to notice some other features – the pump was not too loud (a little quieter than the Medela Pump in Style, but, of course, louder than a manual pump), the shoulder/neck strap would be useful when needing to walk while expressing, and the drawstring bag fit perfectly into some of our Moms larger-size purses and diaper bags.

On the breastpump scale, the price point of the Medela Swing Breastpump falls right in the middle. At $149.99, it is significantly more expensive than a manual pump and single occasional use electric pumps, however, also significantly less expensive than a Medela Pump in Style (double breastpump). Our moms felt it might be a little expensive for the size, although, the also did fell the two-phase technology may be worth the extra investment.

Medela continues to lead the way in the breastpump category. The Medela Swing Breastpump, while still somewhat intimidating to new moms, provides the perfect middle-ground for daily expressers. The research based two-phase expression technology makes this a unique find, while it’s small design that allows it to fit into a large purse or backpack is perfect for on-the-go, everyday use.

Pump it up, pump it up! Our reviewers are new fans of the Medela Swing Breastpump! Not to big, not to small – but just right for everyday use for busy moms. Maybe a little pricy – but speed, size and painlessness may be worth the extra bucks. If you’re having a hard time with your current pump – or are just getting ready to register or purchase one for your expected bundle of joy – be sure to think about getting the Medela Swing Breastpump!

Manufacturer: Medela
Recommended Age: Birth+
Retail Price: $149.99
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