Maple Teethers

Maple Landmark Woodcraft creates a wide range of wooden toys, games, and gifts in Vermont. The natural teethers are Maple Landmark Woodcraft’s answer to concerns over toxic chemicals and finishes. Maple Teethers are sold in pairs and they measure approximately 3 1/2 inches in diameter by 3/4 inches wide. Each teether is rounded and sanded smooth to the touch, mouth and gums. Maple Teethers intend to be large enough for baby to get their hands and arms around, but small enough to be comfortable in the mouth.

What we have here is a teether – nothing complicated about that! The Moms and Dads on our review team were a bit skeptical about a wooden teether, but their babies sure weren’t! As soon as Mom and Dad handed them over their little ones new just what to do – bite, suck and soothe their gums! Easy for sure!

Unlike plastic teethers that have a chance to break down over time, our parents were happy to see no wear and tear on these maple teethers. They wash, they dry, and the come back for more. No durability issues at all!

This category was a little more hotly contested than we expected. Some Moms and Dads on our review team were well situated in the “colorful plastics” camp and no matter how hard other members of our review team tried, they could not convince them of the natural beauty they were looking at. On the other hand, our parents that were much more excited about an all-natural teether were asking if they could award more than five stars in this category. For the record, none of the babies seemed to care how the teether looked!

Hand it to a child and let them bite, gum, suck and soothe. And this teether meets that job perfectly. Some of our parents also found that you could wet the teether and then put it in the refrigerator for an added cool bonus. It won’t sing and dance, but this teether will certainly soothe your little one’s sore gums!

Oh boy, the parents that weren’t used to the price tag that comes along with all-natural, made in America products, were definitely taken aback at the price point that comes along with this two pack of teethers. In our blind survey, most parents priced these teethers between $5 and $10. With an actual retail price of $15.50 for the pair, some were definitely disappointed. Remember though, what we have here is an all-natural product that is made in the U.S.A., some of our parents felt more than strong enough in both of these categories to pay a few extra dollars.

It’s strange to think of the what were most likely some of the first teethers ever invented as original, but when we had so many parents on our review team say they had never seen anything quite like these wooden teethers. Well, if a product comes along that so many members of our team have not been exposed to before, it certainly has the makings of an original!

A simple piece of wood earning four stars?! You bet! Yes, these teethers are expensive, there is no doubt about that. However, they do the job keeping babies mouths happy! They are all-natural, and made in the U.S.A., so there were extra points awarded there. And remember, the people using the teethers had no problem using the natural looking wood over the bright colors of plastic teethers! If you can afford to spend a few extra dollars on all-natural products, these teethers are well worth it!

Manufacturer: Maple Landmark Woodcraft
Recommended Age: Birth to 2 years
Retail Price: $15.50
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