Mally Bibs

Mally Bibs are fashionable bibs for babies. Handmade out of baby soft leather, these bibs have multiple features. Each bib is reversible with a modern design on one side, and a pocket on the other. They are also equipped with a magnetic clasp that attaches around baby’s neck and allows the bib to stick to the fridge between meals. To clean, Mally Bibs require a wipe with a cloth or a rinse (machine washing not recommended). Bibs are available in over 40 designs.

The Mally Bibs tested by our panel rated extremely well in this category. The bibs were exceptionally easy to get on the children – and the magnetic clasp certainly helped. After we fed the kids a messy snack (yougurt and bananas!), the Moms simply wiped off the bibs with wet paper towels – and, to their surprise, they were totally clean!

During the time the panel had the opportunity to inspect Mally Bibs, there was no doubt that these bibs were built to last. They cleaned up so easily, the stitching appears to be tight and the ability to reverse and use the pocketed side gave an added bonus.

Our Moms agreed, these are the classiest bibs you’ll ever find! The soft leather in itself is classy, but the fun and modern designs on each bib the panel reviewed was over the top. Moms thought their kids looked like super-stars in these very cool and trendy bibs. As for putting it up on the fridge between meals – our Moms concurred that they wouldn’t mind doing it because it would help dress up the kitchen. The only negative comment – if you’re anti-leather, you won’t like this bib – but you can’t please everyone!

These bibs appear that they will be extremely functional. Since they weren’t tested over a period of months, it’s tough to say how well they’ll hold up; however, based on our panel’s intuition, they felt that there wasn’t much that could possible ruin these bibs. The reversible feature that includes a food-catcher on the back side and the ability to wipe clean with a paper towel were two of the panels favorite features.

Yes, the first thing our Moms said with surprise was “How much does this thing cost?”. So, the price may seem absurd, however – once in discussion, the Moms realized that if you only have to buy a couple bibs over the first four years of your child’s life then it is well worth every penny. Moms also thought this would be a great gift for a new baby as they are not the type of item a new mom would necessarily run out to purchase.

The panel had to give top of the chart ratings to Mally Bibs in this category. They were the first time any mom on the panel had seen a leather bib – and most had never seen a magnetic clasping bib. These are truly an original creation.

Our panel was skeptical to start – but what can we say except we love the bibs! We didn’t really expect it to turn out this way, but our reviewers can’t deny a great product when they actually get to touch, feel and use them. Yes, the cost is a little high – but, from what our group could tell it is some of the best money you’ll spend on an extremely classy baby item.

Manufacturer: Mally Designs Ltd.
Recommended Age: 6 – 36 months
Retail Price: $32.95 - $38.95
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