Giggles Computer Funtime for Baby

Giggles Computer Funtime For Baby™ is award-winning software that lets your baby tap and touch the keys on your computer for adorable on-screen fun.

Lovingly crafted for babies 6-to-24 months old, the program locks out the system and protects your computer and files, allowing your little one to touch any key at all.

Babies learn about and play with shapes, colors, animals, letters, numbers and more! All in different fun-filled and uniquely baby friendly environments – all they have to do is touch any key!

Products We Reviewed:

  • Giggles Computer Funtime for Baby – ABCs & 123s
  • Giggles Computer Funtime for Baby – My Animal Friends
  • Giggles Computer Funtime for Baby – Shapes
  • Giggles Computer Funtime for Baby – Nursery Rhymes

So…let’s just say some of our parents were skeptical at best before testing out Giggles software on their own computers. I mean, come on, we all know that as soon as you sit at the keyboard those little ones want to start banging away – but a program designed to let them?! And this is going to be easy?
The answer in a word is – yes! And we’ll start by saying our parents were amazed! Pop the CD into your computer and let your baby have at it! Once the baby touches a key the real fun begins! Animated shapes, animals, colors and more – 14 activities in total – and they all function the same way, tap on the keys, get a response on-screen! Oh – and let the laughter and fun begin! It doesn’t get much easier to use than this software – our parents and their kids flipped!

Just like with DVDs, we are going to give this software, and all software four stars in the durability department. If you handle the CD, no problem. If your little ones get a hold of it – big problem. So…all of our Moms and Dads reported back no problems with durability, but they also reported back that they were in charge of handling the disc.

Five stars all the way! Our Moms and Dads told us that they absolutely fell in love with the adorable animation, animals, shapes and more! And more importantly, their kids did too. The action on screen kept children engaged and wanting to press more buttons. Visually, they couldn’t ask for more!

Shapes, colors, animals, letters and more! 14 different activities! Music! And a chance for baby to finally get their hands on that thing (computer) that takes up so much of Mommy’s and Daddy’s time! These CDs are packed with fun and function – and your little ones will love it.

All of our Moms and Dads came back with pretty much the same response to the pricing question. $20 – OK, not bad, not bad at all. Of course they would have all liked this to be priced down between $10 and $15, but after using and enjoying, everyone felt that $19.99 is definitely fair pricing!

As reviewers, our Moms and Dads have not come across such an original idea for children in a long time. There are definitely a few websites you can visit that sort of (not really) do some of the same things – but these games can not be matched. Colorful, musical and a learning opportunity – Giggles Computer Funtime is truly an original.

Five stars! What else can we say?! Giggles Computer Funtime has it all. Between the awesome graphics, the fun music and incredible interactivity, our babies, and their Moms and Dads were thrilled to spend time with this software! Pop it in, sit your kid on your lap, and actually enjoy spending time with them at the computer – that’s what this is all about – and it succeeds in ways none of our parents had anticipated! Great job!

Manufacturer: Leveractive
Recommended Age: 6 – 36 months
Retail Price: $19.99
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