Artsee Smartsee DVD


Manufacturer: Artsee Fartsee, Inc.
Recommended Age: Newborn - 2 years
Retail Price: $15.00
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Artsee Smartsee DVD

Created by an award-winning designer and producer team, this high quality 30-minute animation will entertain and stimulate your budding artist, future scholar, current pooping machine, sometimes irritable fuss-bucket, and your everyday happy tot. Finely timed to some of the best classical recordings available, a dynamic world of objects, colors, and design comes to life for the delight of your baby. Artsee Smartsee is an advance in the overall aesthetic of children’s videos, making it visually and audibly pleasing for both babies and parents.

Each DVD also has a bonus high contract vocabulary lesson in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese and Russian.

Introduce your baby to common objects in a 12-minute vocabulary section.  Set to an easy tempo, from black-and-white timed transitions to color, your baby can learn 50 words in six different languages.  Engrossing and educational, this section pleases all ages and serves as a soothing change from your child’s fast day of playing, learning and growing.


Nothing quite as easy as a DVD when it comes to ease of use! Some of our reviewing parents actually get excited when they have DVDs to review – no screw, no bolts, no glue, just pop it in and let it run, sit back and relax!

Basically, every DVD we review is going to get a standard 4 stars when it comes to durability.  Artsee Smartsee’s packaging is standard for DVDs.  And as always, some of our children wanted so desperately to “help” by putting the DVD in the player – a durability red flag (think fingerprints and skipping).  That pretty much sums up our durability issues, and as always, do everything you can to keep your little one’s fingers off the disc!

Here is where Artsee Smartsee really shined!  Our children were just drawn to the bold graphics and bright colors!  The music holds a nice, steady beat – nothing too distracting – but more than enough to keep a little one’s attention!  The designs reach out and grab your baby – and the simple patterns and colors are easy for them to concentrate on!  Well done!

Studies show that Mom’s who allow their babies to watch a DVD enjoy their coffee far more than those who don’t!  Allright, bad joke, but a timely DVD can really help a Mom or Dad take a short break, get a quick load of laundry in or even prepare a meal.  Our parents definitely relished that opportunity, but they were all quick to remind us that a DVD doesn’t substitute for real interaction – and that little ones shouldn’t have more than 15 minutes at a time of DVD viewing.

Most DVDs on the market today cost anywhere between $10 and $20.  At $15, Artsee Fartsee falls right in the acceptable range.  All of our parents felt the price would not turn them away for buying for their own children, and it is certainly not too expensive as a gift, or add on to a larger present.

There are other DVDs on the market that are designed for infants, so we can’t say that Artsee Smartsee is entirely original (although all of our parents just loved saying the name!).  What we can say is this – their combination of bright, bold graphics and classic music were a perfect pairing, and virtually every parent that tested this reported back that their child’s attention was held, if they didn’t flat out enjoy it!

Very well produced!  Very engaging!  Affordable!  And an excellent opportunity to take 5 from the little one!  Artsee Smartsee helps by keeping your baby’s attention, and entertains them with fun sequences and wonderful music.  Artsee Smartsee makes a nice addition to your DVD library.