Smart Rooms for Your Cool Kid

Kids both want and need their own special hideaway, but their decorating tastes may be a little more extreme than those of an adult. It’s a fact that children love to have personal space stamped with their own individual style. In today’s market you’ll find that there is a vast amount of eye-catching children’s beds, lamps and accessories that are designed for a wide range of ages, tastes and budgets.

To start, ask your child to determine an inspiration piece. Explain to him or her that the item that is chosen will be what the bedroom design will be based on. He may choose a rocket or baseball bat, or she may choose a princess or picture from a favorite vacation spot. Inspiration piece ideas are endless. Once this piece is selected, ask your child why this particular item was the one chosen. Now its time to get to designing the room. Did you child pick the rocket? Try an outer space theme. A picture of her favorite destination? Create a room full of travel, culture or the destination’s theme. When finishing the room, be sure to create a space in which the inspiration piece can be displayed!

When creating the room, wall color is something your child will have to live with for a significant period of time, so be sure the color you decide on is one that he or she really likes. Either purchase pictures to hang on the walls, or paint unique designs. Be as creative as you can and don’t be afraid to experiment!

Bedding, blinds and other room furnishings will help finish off the theme of a room. Think about purchasing a reversible comforter – as your child’s mood changes, so can the room’s look with a simple flip of the cover. Window treatments should be sturdy because kids tend to like to open the curtains and look outside. Accents can make very boring windows fun!

Help distract your child from the television, computer and video games and encourage them to enjoy their bedroom as a place to read, play and make believe in comfort and style. A reading area is an important feature in all bedrooms. Your younger child needs a place to sit and look at pictures or be read a story. A beanbag or mountain of pillows with easy-to-reach bookshelves and good lighting will encourage your child to pick up a book.

The stress of a busy day at school and other organization involvement will take a toll on your child. By selecting a cozy bed with soft fabrics and arranging the room to your child’s liking, you’ll provide a great place for your kid to unwind and relax at the end of a day.

There are so many ways you can add style to your youngster’s room, giving them good reason to spend time there. By taking time with your child to make his or her room special, they may prefer to spend time reading and relaxing in their own unique environment rather than stare at the television or play video games.